Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rockin the house!


I had a fabulous wedding. I've been reliving it this week through my photographer. The above images are from her. She caught the mood and fun of my wedding beautifully. Though the mood was created by our amazing DJ. Mike Beaver of Beaver Audio was phenomenal! I didn't give him much direction from talking to him I knew that he knew exactly what we were looking for at our wedding, a dance floor filled to max capacity and a mellow but chill feeling during cocktail hour.We had it. He played an awesome mix of music for the cocktail hour. I've had a few requests from our guests of what we had him play. Other than the few requests we had, it was all him and he seemlessly moved from one song to the next. I asked him to read the crowd and play what felt right. He did it perfectly. I wish I had the playlist from that night because it was amazing.  From the time Eric and I arrived the music continued to be spot on. Finally when the dancing  finally commenced it never seemed to stop. It was a blast. I learned from facebook pictures that were posted of my wedding soon after "that mine was the danciest wedding."  We seriously had a conga line for a Journey song. It was so much fun. I think some of my guests could have danced for hours more. Though the fun had to end at midnight.
Along with Mike keeping the dance floor hopping, you can have a photobooth. It was brilliant. My guests crowded into the photobooth (which comfortablly fits 3 I saw at times at least 8 in the booth) to take pictures. The photobooth prints out two sets one for the bride and groom and one for the guest. Let me just say the longer the night went on the better the photos got.  The attendant who happened to also be Mike's wife at the photobooth placed our copy in a photo album and our guests wrote messages beside it.
Hands down Mike and the photo booth contributed to our wedding rocking as much as it did. It makes me want to get married again just to dance the night away again.

My end advice. Talk to your DJ make sure he knows what you want and if he sounds awesome let him do his thing, It's his job, trust him to do a good one and not give an ipod list of songs. You're paying them to be a DJ let them do it. :)  Also  We didn't have a cake cutting song, last dance song,  mother son song I asked for his advice and for a few of them the night before the wedding. He had great suggestions, and he played great songs. He knew what he was doing, a good DJ does besdies he has attended more weddings than I ever will. My virtual shout out to Beaver Audio for making my Wedding night such a great party thank you. :)

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