Thursday, August 20, 2009

a new name.

A new name.. sort of. I love my old name, but also want to take my new husbands. We've made an agreement professionally I'm my old name, everywhere else I'm his name. Let me just say it's weird changing your name. I have had 25 years to fine tune my maiden name now I have to learn a whole knew thing. It's going to take time.
This morning I went to the DMV to get things going and forgot that I had to sign my new name for the license. Well went that time came. OOOPs can I do that again. I had signed my old name. It's going to take time. On a good note. I have a new picture and it's a good one.
Next up everything else that has my name on it. This is going to be an involved process.


Anonymous said...

Its okay eva. Its not as bad as you might think. When I changed by name, you know, when I dropped the "r", I was in school, so I had to get the school paperwork to change it in the system, new student id, new DL, and new SS card. So, I feel your pain, but it will all be over soon.


kelly bell said...


Here you are! New name and all!
♥ ya!