Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Me and My Maid of Honor

I had so much fun at my wedding, and she is one of the reasons why my wedding such a riot. My Maid of Honor along with my brother kept the dance floor hopping.  She is a great person and makes my stomach hurt from laughter every time I am with her. We just have one of those kind of relationships. I just wanted to put a virtual thank you to her for making me laugh all the time, for helping me out, my 3 am Wal-mart run on my wedding day, and helping make sure the music I walked down the aisle to was perfect. Thank you!


kelly bell said...

AWWWW eva... that made me cry! I love you and being a part of yours and erics wedding wnks for the was such an HONOR! Thanks for the virtual shout out! Can't wait for the one year anniversary party! *hehe evil bunny giggle*

Becky said...

(Andy wants me to tell you this)
But I love ya too!