Friday, February 26, 2010

Squirrel fishing.

I love these fuzzy little creatures. I think they are adorable. I have no idea why or when I really started liking them. To take a stab at it it was probably as a little girl and feeding them on my Grandma's picture window in Detroit. So of course Eric knows of my love of squirrels  and tells me about Squirrel Fishing! The conversation went a little like this..
Him: Hey have you ever heard of squirrel fishing?
Me: (looking over the arm of the couch) What!?!
Him: Squirrel fishing its when you place string with a nut and try to get a squirrel to catch it.
Me: OMG I sort of want to do that. Especially after I saw a picture of what it looks like.
It just makes me laugh. I love it. It seems to be growing in popularity. Check out this page where I got the above image for some other funny squirrel images.
It even has it's own wikipedia page. Maybe I need to pack up some string, make a trip to North Campus, in Athens at my old college to try my hand at squirrel fishing. I say Athens because the Squirrels on North Campus are friendly. 


rebaann said...

If you catch a squirrel outside the chapel, you have to let me know :)

Becky said...

Do you remember how to make that "squirrel chirp" noise to attract squirrels? I'll remind you if you don't...chi, chi, chi, chi, chirpppp!