Friday, September 16, 2011

Birthday Fun in Detroit (Rock City) summer recap

This Summer was also a milestone, for my Grandpa, this year he turned 80 years old. My grandma hosted a huge party to celebrate. Family and Friends from all over came to party. It was great fun. Eric and I flew up on Friday and out late Sunday night so it was a whirlwind trip.

It was great to see all my extended family and introduce them to Eric. A few he had met at our wedding but most he had not.Some people I had not even seen since I was a little girl. Lucky for me I look just like my Mom so they knew who I was. It also helps that I am the only granddaughter my Grandpa has. It was a great trip and I am so happy that we got to celebrate the day with my grandpa.

Oh I forgot. I made the invitations, stamps and a really great book for my Grandpa with pictures I collected from family and friends on behalf of my parents. My brother also made a video with all the pictures. I think all the hard work making those things paid off because he was so amazed and shocked by it all.

We also had a TopGear moment. While in Detroit what car should one rent? Why a big American Muscle Car! So we rented a Red Ford Mustang. It was a fun.

This trip also marked the furthest North Eric has been in North America. We were also super nerds and took a breakfast trip over to Windsor, Canada to get our passport stamped. Yes I know they don't do it typically for Americans but we asked nicely and the obliged.

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