Friday, September 16, 2011

Spain Recap Part 2

So to continue where I left off. Eric and I rented a Mini Cooper One. Which you can read about here.
Having a car was really a huge sense of freedom, and a bit daunting. Foreign country, signs in a language I can't read, but we did it. All with only a road map. (That I highlighted our route along the way. Like the nerd I am.)

We left Madrid, and headed to Toledo.  We had booked our hotel the night before. This is a very fly by the seat of our pants trip. We knew we wanted to over look the city.We got our wish. The view was stunning.  That picture was from our private balcony at our hotel.  Exploring Toledo was almost like being in a labyrinth. Once you are inside the medieval walls the narrow alleys and twisting hills make it easy to get lost. Luckily where every you looked it is beautiful. 
Toledo's jaw dropping cathedral. The inside (you can't take pictures) is unbelievable

 from wikipedia.

We were only in Toledo for a day and a half, but we made the most of the time we were there. I really loved the old city and was channeling my Grandpa with a midwestern phrase he used to say when I was a kid "Holy Toledo!" (used in a shocked/surprise fashion.) Most of Toledo deserved that. It was a picture postcard everywhere you looked. After an early morning visit to see El Greco's The Burial of Count Orgaz we headed down to Granada!

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