Thursday, September 15, 2011

Designer Rock Star

May was a busy month for me at work. We were finishing a lot projects up. Starting new ones and getting ready for Modern Atlanta. This year we held one of the biggest events of the week here in our office. We asked Karim Rashid to come and speak.  Hundred's of people flocked in our doors to check out his designs we had on display and to hear him speak.  He was brilliant. It was my first time meeting someone who's designs I really admire. His talk was candid and left me reflecting the way technology and design impact our world.
One of my favorite things he said that has stuck with me was his reflections on people thinking that the past was so much better and how people were closer. His thoughts (not verbatim) were how closer technology has made us. I can pick up phone, email and skype to almost anywhere in the world. How easily we can contact people.

It was a great night and I even got a picture with him. The photo also had the other folks I work with so I cut them out so they aren't displayed on my random blog.

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