Thursday, September 15, 2011

Qucik recap to apease my brain. Part 1

So Eric and I went on holiday to Spain. In short, we had a fantastic time. In the long,  we got to really explore the country. We both felt that Madrid was interesting but not the coolest Spanish city we have been too. We loved seeing some of the amazing works at the Prado and the Reina Sofia. Guernica, and Las Meninas took my breathe away. I am also a bigger fan of Goya. Though I don't think I'll hang any of his prints in my home anytime soon. Not very happy guy.
Guernica from Wikipedia

Las Menias from here

The Witches Sabbath by Goya from here

It was amazing to see works that I have studied so long in person. We took some day trips to Avila, and El Escorial. Learning along the way that 1. Train travel is awesome. 2. If you are going during Siesta things become very very quiet in small towns. 3. If you are going to a more mountainous area dress warmer. I about froze my tail off in Avila. 40 degree weather in a skirt and light jacket is coooold.
We also broadened our food love and tried anything and everything we had never seen before. It was great.
Next time I recap, we move southward to Toledo and Granada!

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