Thursday, September 15, 2011

Super late wedding recap.

My good friend Rebecca also got married! It was such a beautiful wedding and it was amazing to see all the details she worked so hard on come through. I had been talking to her about her plans. Helped design her wedding invitations but seeing the finally results was astounding.

She and her husband had a beautiful tented wedding in April. The weather was perfect, the site that had a few months before been nothing had been transformed by her family and his into a stunning location. Everyone chipped in to make things. A trellis for her and him to get married under was made by her Dad with wood from her families home. The property they got married on and a bridge to cross a creek bed was made by his Dad. The amount of little detail touches and graceful southern charm really stole my heart. Everything about the wedding said just had my friend written all over it. It was gorgeous.

Me and the bride! I look a bit wonky but oh well.

Oh and other fun wedding news. Eric and I's wedding photographers were there. Shannon and Steve are amazing and it was so good to see them again.

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